Cusco: Plaza de Armas and the cathedral on the main square

Announcing “Pilgrims on Purpose-Travel Adventures”

Founded by former missionary to Peru, Fran Schmidt, Pilgrims on Purpose enriches lives through authentic, immersive, and mindful travel experiences.
Fran is an experienced & passionate global & local traveler. But her passion is not for any kind of travel, but that which enriches people’s lives, travel that is immersive, authentic, mindful and experiential.
Fran loves to take people along on the adventure of exploring new cultures, languages, customs, traditions, food, dance, and music. Learn, discover, grow, and let your life be enriched with our unique pilgrim travel experience!

In learning about our global neighbors, we will learn about ourselves, too, as we:

  • travel and explore together
  • learn about the host country: its culture, people, politics, history, religion, traditions and customs
  • discuss issues of social justice, human rights, ecology, poverty, education, health care as well as wrestle with appropriate responses to these issues
  • grow in our own  spiritual journey we become pilgrims on purpose; curious about, interested in, and learning from the interactions and connections made with our local hosts and the other trip/group members

Pilgrims on Purpose travels to various locations around the world. Where would you like to go? Tell us and maybe it’s a trip that is already on our itinerary!

We invite you to like us and follow us on Facebook, and to hear the stories and adventures. Message us for more information & plan to join us for our next amazing adventure!

Be a pilgrim traveler, experience the difference!


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